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Jerry Jones


"Just wanted let you know the excellent results we have experienced since we began using Ocean Solution 2-0-3. I purchased the Fertigation system and have it hooked to my irrigation system for the garden. Since adding Ocean Solution to our vegetables the growth has been excellent. I have no words to describe how delicious the tomatoes taste. They are so sweet. I can honestly say I have never had tomatoes taste this good. You can see the difference. You have me as a customer for life.

Thanks Again"

Ash Marcus


Received a call from a farmer who is testing OceanSolution on cabbage. The Farmer said, "you need to get out here and see these cabbages before someone takes them all thinking they are basketballs."

Tony Anastasia

Montery CA

"I would just like to say I am in no way shape or form working for ocean solutions. I'm just a grower, just like you if you’re reading this. I've been growing for about 15 years now and have used most products on the market, but last year I was introduced to OceanSolution Pure and had outstanding results.

     I grow watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, corn pumpkins, and squash and this product works wonders on everything I have and will recommend this product to everyone. BTW ever since I've been using OceanSolution on my squash I haven't had any problems with powdery mildew, which is crazy to me because I live in California where humidity can reach 50%.

Thanks and happy growing."

 Darrayl Keys & Daughter Eleanor


"1. Eleanor gained 1st place in her Middle School Science Project Entry ‘The Use of Ocean Solution as a Watering Medium and Its Impact on Plant Growth’ and will now advance to the regional finals in spring.

2. The tomato plants respectively received – daily ocean solution, ocean solution twice a week, ocean solution once a week, 50/50 ocean solution with fertilizer (daily, twice a week and once a week) and water alone. The plants which used just fertilizer all died just after germination (in all frequencies – daily, twice a week and once a week).

3. The plants which used Ocean Solution (daily, twice a week and once a week) all appear more healthy and robust

4. Ocean Solution plants displayed the tallest plants, the larger number of leaves, the biggest leaves having the largest surface areas, earlier flowering and budding with more flowers and buds and finally, the only ones at this stage to have tomatoes growing. We are happy to report that Eleanor placed 4th in the Junior Botany Division in the Florida State Science Fair. She also won a special award for the quality of her data analysis!

David M. Sproules

Sarasota Florida

"Dear OceanGrown:

I have become more convinced each time I deal with your products that they are superior to anything I have experienced. With continuous exposure to various qualities of food, and having won the National Gourmet Chef competition last year, I feel my evaluation of superior food products is of some merit. I say without hesitation that your herbs and vegetables are the best in quality, taste, appearance and shelf life of any that I have ever seen. Your method of growing food in ocean water is so unique and ecologically sound.


David M. Sproules

Carmichael's Restaurant"

A. Newhouse


 "Dear OceanGrown Team,

We did a 1/2 acre garden for the first time this year and our Sweet Keeper squash averaged 12 to 23 lbs. in size with excellent taste and color. Typically these are 8 to 10 lbs. in size. Thank You!

A. Newhouse"

Steve Isler

North Carolina

"I picked out green beans of my garden this morning. You are looking at about 2-1/2 lbs. They were planted from seed 60 days ago. I have a couple of rows in my back yard, pretty much beach sand. I have been told that beans like new soil, they must. These are sprayed every two weeks with OceanSolution Pure. They really taste great."

Melanie Hance

Long Island New York

"Since using OceanSolution PURE in my garden all of my vegetable plants have exceeded my expectations! The produce I harvest taste better than anything I have ever purchased or tasted. I make smoothies with my bounties and noticed that I have a lot more energy throughout the day, my skin is clearer and my hair is SHINY as can be! Amazing product"


Go Organic 

OceanGrown manufactures a full line of products certified by OMRI for Organic Production.


Greater Yield

When a plant's genetic potential is optimized output will be at its greatest.


Fast Absorption

Ionic solutions allow for instant nutrient uptake via roots or foliage. Nutrients can move up to 10x faster via the foliage then roots.


Disease and Pest Resistance

Given the right nutrition, a plant's immune system becomes more effective at adapting to increased pest and weather pressure.


Direct from the Manufacturer

We offer steep discounts for bulk purchases.


N-P-K Cost Savings

Crops require less macro-nutrients when there is a solid mineral foundation.


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