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Andre Couture

New York

"I have never had microgreens this big or taste this good no matter how much I paid! I am getting even more nutrition while spending less money AND they are home grown, can't beat that."

Kayla Rhodes


"I grew up on a farm and know the importance of plant nutrition. When I stumbled upon OceanSolution I had been growing microgeens for years. I decided to try it out on some of my sunflower seeds I occasionally feed to some of the farm animals. I did an experiment and grew three trays with OceanSolution and three with just water. After day 5 I put all the trays on the ground and let the animals have at it. Its safe to say OceanSolution is farm animal approved. My pigs, chickens and horses ONLY ate the OceanSolution trays leaving the other three grown with just water and BEGGING for more!!"

David Myers


"I am vegan and was looking for a simple way to integrate more minerals into my diet naturally. I found your website and decided to give it a try. After two weeks of eating sprouts grown with OceanSolution I found myself having a lot more energy and less cravings. Every handful was fresh, crunchy and full of minerals! Thank you!"


Go Organic 

OceanGrown manufactures a full line of products certified by OMRI for Organic Production.


Greater Yield

When a plant's genetic potential is optimized output will be at its greatest.


Fast Absorption

Ionic solutions allow for instant nutrient uptake via roots or foliage. Nutrients can move up to 10x faster via the foliage then roots.


Disease and Pest Resistance

Given the right nutrition, a plant's immune system becomes more effective at adapting to increased pest and weather pressure.


Direct from the Manufacturer

We offer steep discounts for bulk purchases.


N-P-K Cost Savings

Crops require less macro-nutrients when there is a solid mineral foundation.


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