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Annette Larkins

Miami Florida

"OceanSolution wins my vote as the best plant nutrient provider yet! It gets the job done with minimum effort - requiring one part solution to 100 parts water; so a little goes a long way, making it cost effective. It is organic in nature, so there are no harmful chemical effects. It is clear and odorless; there is no fishy smell, which I have experienced with other sea nutrients. It contains nature's 92 elements, allowing plants to choose the ones they need.

    I use OceanSolution to grow plants with and without soil. I am secure in the knowledge that my plants grow in a healthy, balanced environment, conductive to minimizing the possibility of bug attacks. Healthy plants stand a better chance of surviving infestation from disease and insect invasion. A good analogy is that of healthy human body cells; cancer and other diseases are not likely to thrive under homeostatic conditions. Well, bugs are not apt to ravage a healthy garden.

    My garden includes a beautiful variety of greens, herbs, mints, peppers, tomatoes, and peas. What a wonderful feeling it is to pick and eat food fro my back yard, and how reassuring it is to consume such delicious bounty without fear of ingesting dangerous pesticides.

Although I grow the aforementioned plants with soil, I prefer to grow wheatgrass hydroponically. For years I had a love/hate relationship with wheatgrass juice. I knew it's beneficial value; I even wrote about it in my first booklet "Journey to Health". Nevertheless, when drinking it I abhorred the nauseating, heaving sensation that lingered, especially when burping. As a result, I seldom drank it.

    On the other hand, in addition to enhancing the flavor of the juice, OceanSolution also eliminates the repulsive after taste. OceanSolution has shown me that all wheatgrass juice is not equal. I now enjoy at least an ounce a day.

Also, I am confident that the quality of crops from the new fruit trees that I have planted will be just as impressive since they, too, are drinking in nourishment from OceanSolution.  

Author of the booklets "Journey To Health" and "Journey To Health 2" , and the 12-part television series "Health Alternatives with Living Foods"

Victor Hamilton

North Carolina

 "I have used OceanSolution for several years on wheatgrass and sprouts. The grass is simply greener and more lush, and the sprouts are more flavorful and colorful. Soaking the seeds in OceanSolution seems to enhance their viability and speed germination, especially using ionized alkaline water in the soaking stage. (I use ionized acidic water in the growing stage). I prefer OceanSolution to liquid kelp and the like, because it is 'cleaner' and does not promote bacterial or fungal growth."

Colin Buchanan

Temecula California

 "My experience with ocean water has been full of results. I realize the power that ocean water has on all life forms. OceanSolution is the best way to utilize this intelligence. My wheatgrass is very sweet and powerful since using OceanSolution. I also have less problems with mold and faster, steady growth. I can tell the difference in the grass... I use filtered water and mix it 1 oz. to the gallon. It seems to give the same results if i use a little less concentration as well."

Paula Hall

North Carolina

"I've been growing wheatgrass for several years AND have just begun using OceanSolution. The difference is wonderful. Linus Pauling stated that all of our health problems can be traced to a mineral deficiency. Putting the minerals back into the soil with OceanSolution creates a powerful solution to today's agriculture needs."


Go Organic 

OceanGrown manufactures a full line of products certified by OMRI for Organic Production.


Greater Yield

When a plant's genetic potential is optimized output will be at its greatest.


Fast Absorption

Ionic solutions allow for instant nutrient uptake via roots or foliage. Nutrients can move up to 10x faster via the foliage then roots.


Disease and Pest Resistance

Given the right nutrition, a plant's immune system becomes more effective at adapting to increased pest and weather pressure.


Direct from the Manufacturer

We offer steep discounts for bulk purchases.


N-P-K Cost Savings

Crops require less macro-nutrients when there is a solid mineral foundation.


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